Thank you Boris for the nice DJ tag

A year ago I bought a second hand Native Instruments DJ set (Traktor S2 MK2 & F1) and started fiddling around with it. This summer a young friend of the family made a nice “tag” using FL Studio and Google’s text to speech engine. You can listen to my "DJ Oscar" tag, which is included in this six track 125 bpm "quick mixing practice" recording (at 1:08 / 3:14 / 4:10).

Mix includes:

Paint & GIMP photo editing freeware

In order to give this website some nice backgrounds in the banner session on the homepage, I had to fiddle around with some nice pictures from my photo archive. It had been a while, so I looked for the freeware I knew from years back called "". It is still there and it has all the features you need for small projects like these.

Lucky shot

Once every year I have a lucky shot. Maybe you recognise this?

I take pictures with my mobile to remember a family setting, a nice view, a holiday or special event. The pictures serve their purpose, when I see them I remember the event, the place, music, strange smell, or nice conversations. But once every year I discover a picture on my mobile that sticks out. The picture shows more than the initial purpose.

This week I found one again and I decided to share it. This photo was taken (during a short brake) while running along “De Vecht” on a Sunday morning in November.

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