Upgrade to NI Traktor S3

Januari of this year I upgraded my Native Instruments Traktor S2 to a NI Traktor S3. Again this was a second hand deal, where all parties involved were happy after the deal. Sold my S2 to a student that wanted to pick-up on DJ-ing and was looking for a cheap way to start. The S3 came from a guy that got the S3 as a gift, but wanted to upgrade to S4, in order to be able to hook up his turntables. A got a very nice discount.

DJ-ing challenge

Last January I found out that mixing Dutch Rap music with Club music is really hard. The rhythm, the beats per minute, the track build-up, the key, are all different! But I still took on the challenge to perform a one-of DJ act at an important family party.

The reason why I'm putting this online, is to share some of the advice that has helped me and to show off with the end result. You can play the recording of my 30 minutes of fame in the mp3 player at the bottom of this article.

Causal Loop Diagrams

In a systems thinking exercise with colleagues I got a nice refresh of working with Causal Loop Diagrams (CLD). A nice holistic way to think about solving problems or reaching goals. The diagram explains your train of thought. Read more about it on the CLD Wiki site, or get a real nice walk through on the isixsigma site with an example. 

Ms Pac Man is still alive

Remember when video games were best played on an Arcade machine? I was triggered by a post on Arcade games to check if it was possible to play Ms Pac Man one more time. It turned out to be really easy. After looking at a couple of options, I downloaded MAMEUI64, which is a "Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator", meaning that it's software that can play original arcade games from multiple vendors. This version provides a Front-End UI, as opposed to the core MAME module which requires command line entry. 

Google text to speech

I was looking for a text-to-speech solution for one of my projects to provide narrative to an educational animation video. The video’s are explaining how to perform certain Scrum sprint events. After trying a lot of sites and software, I ended up with Google's text-to-speech. It's really impressive how the sentences are so close to being natural speech.

Old school VBA coding

Een tijd terug heb ik in Excel-VBA een tooltje gemaakt die het DSS resultaat stroom-diagram van de KNLTB volgt mbt rating bij het dubbelspel. Het was een goede oefening om meer gevoel en ervaring met VBA "programmeren" in Excel te krijgen. 

Deze code zorgt ervoor dat je alvast kijken wat de impact is op jouw rating als je wint of verliest in een dubbelspel.

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