Ms Pac Man is still alive

Ms Pac Man

Remember when video games were best played on an Arcade machine? I was triggered by a post on Arcade games to check if it was possible to play Ms Pac Man one more time. It turned out to be really easy. After looking at a couple of options, I downloaded MAMEUI64, which is a "Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator", meaning that it's software that can play original arcade games from multiple vendors. This version provides a Front-End UI, as opposed to the core MAME module which requires command line entry. 

Finding the ROM with the original Ms Pac Man in it was easy and then running it on MAME was really straight forward.


It felt like the good old days and I can finish the first level with great ease. I will however need to invest in a proper joystick, to be able to beat my original high score ...

finished level one

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